Beautiful New Zealand – Milford Sound

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Milford Sound feels out of this world beautiful.

With many DOC camping sites along that route (some with unpleasant toilets, some with ok toilets) you can stay in the area rather cheaply. $13pp per night.

The road to Milford Sound has constant stopping opportunities. Lakes, scenic lookouts, waterfalls, walking tracks… Milford Sound has it all.

On our visit in October, supposedly spring, it snowed all three days we were there. With us deciding to stay one more day to get better weather to go out on a boat.

Snowing on the road to Milford Sound

Falls Creek

Literally, the easiest waterfall along the drive to see. You drive over the bridge where the waterfall meets the river. Easy.

Falls Creek on the road to Milford Sound

Lake Marian

The more ambitious can try the walk to Lake Marian. Even if you don’t make it the whole way (like us) there is a beautiful walk along a river with many photo opportunities.
We didn’t make it the whole way as the weather was pretty crap, and we knew the view wouldn’t really be visible. Plus we had some amazing scenery on the way there.

On the walk to Lake Marian

At all the stops along the road, you will meet the resident Kea. They are extremely inquisitive parrots and are too smart for their own good. If you leave your car in their hang out spots, be prepared to have bits removed!

No trip to the South Island is complete without seeing the alpine parrot, the Kea

The Chasm

Something rather hard to photograph, The Chasm. The water has carved a very unique path and left behind some interesting formations.

The Chasm along the Milford Sound Road

Milford Sound

To get to the Milford Sound for the sunrise, we woke up at 5am at Cascade Creek DOC campsite.
The car was covered in ice and it was so cold the stainless steel toilets (with no seats!) were icy and unusable.
After a defrost of the car and ourselves, made it to the bay of Milford Sound just as the sun started to come up.
Unfortunately the sunrise didn’t have amazing colours, but we are lucky it was a clear enough day after all the snow we had.

Milford Sound at Sunrise

One of the main reasons for coming here is obviously the Sound. The only ways to really see this is by boat, helicopter, plane or by climbing Mitre Peak (not for the faint hearted or amateur hiker!).
We went for the cheaper option, the boat!

On the boat trip

Stirling Falls on Milford Sound


Waterfall on Milford Sound

On Milford Sound

Bowen Falls on Milford Sound

After an hour on some rather calm water, the reflections in the bay were perfect!

A flat morning in Milford Sound

I will leave you with this! This little guy sheltered under our car so we couldn’t leave.

Squawk! This junior Kea decided to greet us!

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