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We spent a day with the 6 beautiful Elephants in Kanchanaburi.
For the amount of money it cost us, it was worth every single cent!
Knowing we helped contribute to a great cause whilst spending a day with such beautiful creatures is something we will never forget.

You can spend a day (ore more) with Elephant Nature park too.. They also have a larger herd and sanctuary in Chiang Mai.

These elephants have been rescued from being ridden and abused. It is a common problem in Thailand and South East Asia and needs to stop.

Please support their cause and encourage more Eco tourism in Thailand and South East Asia.
If people stop riding elephants and learn about the conditions of the Elephants lives that they are riding, we can help end this cruelty.

Elephant Haven


The Bridge over the River Kwai – Death Railway



Erawan Falls



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